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We love our students! They are all different ages and abilities and come to aerial for a wide variety of reasons. Get to know them by reading their stories below. And then join our aerial family!



Student for 3 Years

When I discovered High Expectations Aerial Arts, I knew I had found my new health home. A challenging and creative art form that's like dancing in the air, it is by far the most fun I've had "exercising." The health benefits are endless. It improves my flexibility, muscle mass, core strength, focus, confidence, and mood. I look forward to refining my skills at the only studio of its kind in Memphis: High Expectations.

Hailey Pic


Student for 3 Years

To me, High Expectations is more than I have the words to describe. It’s a community of the most loving, accepting, and wonderful humans that Memphis has to offer. Here, I’ve learned to love my body and the strength it is capable of, I’ve learned to express myself, and I’ve finally found a way to truly be comfortable in my own skin. This are my family and I love them.

Vanessa and Layla Pic

Vanessa and Layla

Students for 2 Years

I don’t think I have to tell you what this means to our relationship. To have something that my daughter and I work on together, learn together, and will share the memories forever together. Aerial arts have given us a bond that not many mother-daughters get to experience. I am so grateful.”

Tori Pic


Student for 5 Years

When I was in school, I tried about every sport, but I never felt good about my body or about my natural skills. When I saw my first aerial arts show, I was so struck with inspiration that I cried. Ever since I started taking lessons, I have built so much strength, not only physically but also mentally. I feel like I’ve finally found my people and a skill that I can develop for the rest of my life.



Student for 4 Years

I originally sought out aerial classes as a new form of exercise. What I found was that and much more; the studio was an extremely welcoming, inclusive environment that works with each student to grow and see their best selves. Not only have I progressed tremendously in my aerial technique but have also gained a new, empowering way to express myself through the arts. I am a young professional originally from California, and the HE community plays a key role in my decision to establish roots in Memphis

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